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Pattern Recognition Software

CCTV can solve vast thousands of offences, but viewing of footage can be extremely manpower intensive. When Mick was responsible for the viewing and use of the CCTV recovered during the London Riots of 2011, his team was faced with over 100,000 hours. Likewise, CCTV Control Room operators are often expected to focus on twenty or more screens at once (for several hours at a time) – an almost impossible task for a human being.
If hardware or software can be developed to find or identify suspects or persons of interest, recognise faces and link clothing or logos. Mick Neville was responsible for the first use of logo or pattern recognition software to link a suspect to crime by distinctive clothing and also identify him (as he was wearing the same T-shirt in a “mugshot” taken after a previous arrest. The Guardian - Burglar jailed after 'distinctive' shirt spotted by crime-fighting software Hence, Mick knows the value of technology, but he knows that software needs to be fit for purpose and useful in an operational environment.

Designers of Automated Facial Recognition

AFR has been banned in San Francisco and criticised in London. There is more to AFR than excellent technology. Operators must be selected and trained to use the equipment in an ethical, legal and effective manner. NFR can assist you to design operating procedures and training to overcome these issues.

Trusted advisors

Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd can assist as follows:

  • Advise on new equipment & how it will prevent & detect crime
  • Test the ability of software & hardware to deliver court-acceptable evidence
  • Give an operational perspective on the best deployment
  • Ensure that your equipment becomes an integral part in an end to end system, which results in police time being saved and more suspects being identified.
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