Control Rooms

Public and Privately Owned

1. Inspection of systems

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice has changed the manner in which CCTV is viewed. Whilst the system must comply with legislation, it must also be “effective” and an annual review must be conducted to show that it the deployment of camera is legitimate and proportionate taking into account all relevant legislation and Codes of Practice, including the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) CCTV Code of Practice. The Home Office - Surveillance Camera Code of Practice Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd can fully access your system and advise on how it can be improved to further utilise the invested made to achieve better results - making your town centre, shopping centre, bank or business safer and a better place for your employees. - A data protection code of practice

2. Training for Staff

We can help to ensure that your staff are aware of:

  • The type of footage required by the police
  • Production of evidence for the courts
  • Most effective use of images to spot local, prolific criminals
  • Compliance with legislation & Codes of Practice
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