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NFR can provide expert and independent assessment of CCTV and other forensic image evidence to assist solicitors and counsel to aid the search for truth during court hearings.

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Types of CCTV & Types Forensic Images

NFR can assist with all types of CCTV and other images, whether obtained from drones, mobile phones, computers or other recording sources. This is at a strategic and operational level.

CCTV & Image Downloading & Assessment

The NFR Forensic Video Analyse Unit are able to utilise a wide range of video extraction and conversion tools, professional editing software, and image analysis techniques. NFR Ltd are able to provide expert analysis of images and footage from downloaded digital media, hard drives, and DVR (digital video recorder) sources. The team can download, view and analyse CCTV or other images (from mobile phones, drones, computer or other sources to provide an independent assessment of evidence.

Our team is headed by Rob Stevenson – a highly experienced software developer and video analysis specialist. His speciality is the extraction of salient information from digital sources – both still and video. Rob is experienced in writing software to provide automated analysis of CCTV video and was trained by the Metropolitan Police in the processing of video evidence for court presentation.

Rob is security cleared to counter terrorism level by the Met (since 2011). As proof of his skills, he has received national police awards (as an individual and as part of a winning team) for forensic CCTV work at the Central Forensic Image offices at Scotland Yard. This has included the Lord Ferrers Award, presented by the Home Secretary and Met Police Volunteer of the Year award 2014. The nomination for the latter noted that Rob was being noted “for enhancing the reputation of Scotland Yard, worldwide” in recognition of the creation of original software used to secure a conviction for a murder in Australia.

Assessment of Identification Evidence

NFR has close links to Super Recognisers International Ltd and can provide independent assessment of identification evidence.

Strategic Assessment of CCTV & Image Evidence

In addition to physical examination of image evidence, NFR Ltd can provide expert evidence as follows:

1. Assessment of police use of CCTV and images, including downloading, viewing, circulation of images and identification of suspects captured on footage at operational and strategic levels. This include assessment of police reasons for failing to utilise (or disclose the presence of) potential CCTV or other image evidence during an investigation.

2. Assessment of production by police of CCTV footage for CPS and courts, including assessment of standard operating procedures and evidential statements.

3. Assessment of police use of human Super Recogniser officers to identify offenders and link them to multiple crimes.

4. Assessment of identification procedures in relation to CCTV or other images, in relation to compliance with PACE Code D Part B, the Information Commissioner's CCTV Code of Practice and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice.

  • Admissibility of CCTV images
  • Super Recognisers
  • Compliance with Code of Practice relating to identification

This type of identification is new to the courts and will be tested. Defence and prosecution counsel should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of Super Recognisers. Mick has assisted several pieces of academic research into the following areas: Northumbria University - Research Link Goldsmiths University of London - Research Online

CCTV in the UK should comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office CCTV Code of Practice and public sector CCTV, especially that generated by council control rooms, must also comply with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code. Expert advice can be given on both of these key areas: Surveillance Camera Code of Practice Data Protection Code of Practice

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