Don’t forget the human element!

I will be going to IFSEC in London and will, no doubt, see lots of fantastic security equipment and CCTV cameras.

BUT we must not forget that all this kit is useless without human intervention – like the best rifle is little use without a highly trained soldier to use it.

20th June 2017

We live in dangerous times – terrorist attacks are reported on a weekly basis at home and if the international news is added – they are a daily event. Too often the terrorists who kill and maim are identified as suspects “known to the authorities” and the public are rightfully appalled that dangerous men are allowed to wander the streets (or drive vehicles) and commit all manner of evil crimes.

Super Recognisers should be part of the arsenal available to our law enforcement and security agencies – actively spotting these dangerous individuals. This innate and special ability is possessed by many of our police officers and security staff – it just needs to be utilised in a more systematic way to achieve the best results.

On example of this is Detention Officer Idris Bada of the Metropolitan Police. In addition to his duties looking after suspects detained in central London police cells, he used his time to identify criminals known to him, who had been “caught on camera”. He was regularly visited by officers of the Area Ident Team, who showed him the latest images of suspects on CCTV from the “FILM” database – a unique system, which allowed images to be shown by crime types, area and date – focusing the Super Recognisers attention. I am pleased to announce that Idris is to be awarded the British Empire Medal by Her Majesty the Queen for his work:

  Met staff honouredin The Queen's Birthday 2017 Honours list
  IFSEC 2017 The only large-scale security event in Europe this year

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